Hello! I'm all dressed up in my formal tuxedo waiting to go to your home! I'm a cute girl who was brought to Domino's by a concerned citizen who found me wandering alone. I'm very friendly.....I think I just got lost from my family so now I need to find a new family. I'll bring you lots of joy, and I'll be the best dressed pet in the family!
Freddy is my wonderful boy. And takes great care of his sister foxy. He like to do his own thing and sleep in sunny windows. I don t want to split them up
Tiger lily is a stunning and calm young full grown appx two years old. She came to us last year as a pregnant kitten herself. All of her babies were adopted but she is still waiting for her turn to go home! With her stunning calico coat and pretty eyes, sh...
Hello, Looking to find a home for my aunts who recently passed away. She loved and cared for the 2 cats as her kids and sadly I can not care for them as i m Allergic. Cats are indoor
Foxy has a handsome personality. Loves her brother Freddy. They take care of each other. Like to cuddle sometimes and be held like a baby. Freddy is the best big brother ever. I don t want them to be split up.